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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Download the demo version of CATCurve to get up and running while we process your order. Currently this demo version does not run in Windows 7. We are working on a fix.

(Right-click and select "Save Target As..." from the dropdown menu):

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Download the zipfile extracting program fromWinZip.

Loading and Operation

  1. Unzip all files in a subdirectory called C:\CATCURVE\ and add this Drive/Subdirectory/ to the Autocad Support File Search Path environment list of search paths in the Tools -> Options dialog.
  2. Load AutoCad and start a new drawing.
  3. At the command prompt type: (LOAD "CATCURVE")
  4. Press Enter.

Loading the Menu

  1. Select from the pulldown menu:
    Tools -> Customize Menus -> Menu Groups
  2. Browse to the CATCURVE subdirectory and select CATCURVE.MNS and select LOAD.
  3. Click on Menu Bar and add CATCURVE to the pulldown menu bar.
  4. Close MenuLoad.

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